10th Degree
10th Degree

Digital Advertising Agency


10TH DEGREE was founded in 2001 and is located in Orange County, CA. The founders met in 1991 while working at Nissan North America and our roots are in database and direct response marketing.


Our agency strengths lie in our broad reaching experience, digital strategy and metric-minded approach to everything from creative to conversions.


Our ad agency strives for continual improvement in everything we do, and we are relentless in our pursuit of mastering the highest DEGREE of digital advertising and marketing services.


10TH DEGREE is a digital advertising agency offering a full-range of marketing capabilities for effective online advertising and brand promotion. Our core agency services feature online media planning, media buying, interactive display ads, pay per click advertising, responsive website design, creative services, video pre-roll and SEO.

Our best agency strengths lie in our strategic campaign alignment, metric minded planning, brand-building, performance driven communication that consistently delivers on complex digital advertising and marketing campaigns. We believe that digital advertising agencies should always be testing and tracking performance to improve campaign results. At 10TH DEGREE, our firm strives to be more than just your advertising agency, we are stewards of your brand and catalysts for your sales.

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    We love a good challenge in providing the best solutions for our clients. This means that we often take unconventional and innovative approaches to make something better.

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    We are not simply content with meeting a goal. We consistently go above and beyond to make your campaign successful. We inject this passion into our everyday practice so tomorrow we will be better than today.

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    The philosophy that our business is your business is at the heart of everything we do. Our team works with you on a constant basis to understand your needs and execute your objectives.

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